• Nili Métal buys at the best price
           Need money, need space?
    Bring us your metals, copper, lead,
            aluminium, stainless steel, iron, bronze, etc…
    The revolution ... is US!
  • Recycle
    Your scrap metal is worth its weight in gold!
    We buy your old batteries, taps
    door handles, old tools, household appliances
    old bedsprings, old radiators ... contact us!
  • Nili Métal buys at the best price
         Old tractor, old truck,
    combine harvester, buldozer,
         excavator, bus, etc...
    Your scrap metal is worth
    its weight in gold !

Nili Métal is more than 50 years of experience in Recycling. Trust a professional and earn money !

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You have everything to gain.

Nili Métal recovers processing upgrades   ferrous and non-ferrous metals

This is our JOB!

In Nili Métal we buy your scrap metal at the best price

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Always the best price in Belgium

Our Strength


Flexibility and availability: at Nili Métal, we are truly at the service of our customers.


Available at all times, we do our utmost to meet your needs.


We intervene within 24 hours and install your skips within 48 hours.


we offer you an excellent price-services ratio.


At Nili Métal, we make it a point of honour to buy your metals at the best price.

Preferred contacts

Thanks to our small structure, you benefit from a direct and personal contact.

And more ...

Not only does Nili Métal offer you a complete service for demolition, deconstruction and site clearance, but we also provide you with containers. We have the in-house skills to meet all your needs, from dismantling to recycling!
Nili Métal has been in the business for more than 50 years, and we have made safety our priority. This is why the company has abandoned cutting with a torch, an outdated and dangerous technique, in favour of shearing: no more flames, fire or explosion risks
In order to maintain its performance at the highest level and to guarantee your safety and that of its staff, the company constantly reinvests a large part of its profits in its equipment.

Today you will save  win money thanks to Nili Métal...

Your scrap metal is worth its weight in gold, contact us and you will be amazed!

ATTENTION: We do not visit private homes !

no need to call us to bring your washing machine or other items... thank you for your understanding.
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